Introducing ‘OddBods’ – the passionate educators who bring Odyssey to life

More than anything else, education is about people – and the best, most transformational learning occurs when engaged and happy students meet passionate, dedicated teachers.

Charu Kashyap, CEO & Co-Founder

A qualified Headteacher with a MA in Clinical Psychology, Charu has worked as a senior manager across a range of children’s services for almost 20 years. She has held CEO, COO, Clinical Director and Managing Director roles for several years within large private organisations that provide specialist education and care for children and young people. Charu has a special interest in neuroscience, attachment, child development and the impact of trauma on the brain.

Shilpa Walia, School Director & Co-Founder

Having studied Psychology and worked for several years as a senior manager within large residential special schools, Shilpa is passionate about making a difference to the lives of children. Shilpa has been actively involved in setting the foundations for Odyssey Education since its inception and has been instrumental to Odyssey House School’s initial success in its early and formative years.

Judith Charlesworth, Critical Friend

Judith has spent over 45 years in education (including special education) and has held several roles including headteacher. She was also an Ofsted inspector until recently and has an in-depth understanding of schools, their management, curriculum development and compliance. Judith has played a vital role in the founding journey of Odyssey Education. Despite having retired from most of her other roles, Judith maintains a small amount of consultancy services and continues to support Odyssey as a critical friend.

To bring the Odyssey programmes to life, we have assembled an amazing group of seasoned educators who share our vision of creating an inclusive, nurturing, inspiring learning environment.

We call them the Oddbods, because in keeping with the founding values of Odyssey itself, they do things differently. They think outside the box, they don’t follow convention just for the sake of it, and aren’t afraid of going against the grain in their quest to offer the best education possible.

You can read about the beliefs and characteristics that are intrinsic to an OddBod and help us create an amazing and unique experience for all our pupils.

Who is an OddBod?

An OddBod is someone committed to Odyssey’s mission.

An OddBod believes that:

  • All children can and will learn
  • Accountability starts and ends with them
  • All people are different, and those differences are a source of strength
  • Every moment of interaction matters
  • When there are problems, you find solutions. When someone needs help, you give it. When I need help, I ask for it.
  • If there’s a better way to do something, you find it
  • With hard work and practice, your teaching can constantly improve
  • Odyssey is a family, and we impact families and whole communities, not just pupils in the classroom

What makes an OddBod?

An OddBod has to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Grit – they get stuck in and don’t stop until the job is done
  • Zest – they find passion, joy and adventure in their work
  • People-focused – they value relationships and intentionally build them
  • Pupil-focused – makes decisions with pupils’ best interests in mind
  • Self-discipline – at work, and in their inter-personal relationships
  • Dependable – keeps commitments made to pupils, parents and colleagues
  • Grateful – always takes time to show gratitude
  • Optimistic – about the future of our students and our school

Do you think you've got what it takes to be an Oddbod, and change children's lives for the better? Then click here to get in touch! 

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