At Odyssey House School, a pioneering institution founded in 2019 by Charu Kashyap and Shilpa Walia, Year 11 students have achieved remarkable success in their GCSE results, underscoring the school’s commitment to tailored education and fostering an environment where individuality thrives.

Odyssey House School was created with a clear mission: to provide a bespoke, holistic, and therapeutic education approach that caters to the distinct needs of each student. This dedication to personalised learning has translated into a series of resounding victories for Year 11 students.

One of the cornerstones of Odyssey House School’s success lies in its intimate and nurturing environment. Unlike mainstream schools with large class sizes, Odyssey House School ensures that classes remain small, allowing educators to provide the personalised attention necessary for each student’s growth and development.

Year 11 students at Odyssey House School have shone brilliantly in their GCSE examinations, thanks to the school’s unwavering commitment to tailored education, smaller class sizes, and an engaging curriculum. These remarkable achievements are a testament to the power of a unique education and the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to excel.

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