At Odyssey House School, you will learn in more ways and more places that you ever imagined you could. You will embark on an exciting and enriching education journey and you will discover that barriers are breakable, and that life is a journey of discovery that can make the impossible, possible.

At Odyssey House School, we recognise that every individual has already begun their education and life journey. Some sail smoothly through, others learn to navigate and negotiate the obstacles, while there are those that need help to do this and set sail on their own.

Whatever your situation, Odyssey House School will help you on your way. We will guide, teach, support and encourage you until you sail off to your bright future.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Journey, Discovery, Adventure, and Wonder

Life is a journey into the unknown, an opportunity to explore and discover. We never know what will happen next. Living in the moment with a spirit of adventure and a sense of wonder allows us the flexibility to adapt to the dynamic nature of our experience, thus allowing us the fortune of at once being learners and educators.

2.Personal Best and Challenge

Like a child learning to walk, we must constantly pick ourselves up, put our best foot forward, learn from our experience, learn from those around us, experiment, and dream. The challenge is not with those around us, it is within us. Our limitations are based only in our beliefs.

3. Unconditional Respect and Compassion

The more respect and compassion we have for others, the more humanity, health, kindness, and intelligence they are likely to share. Unconditional respect is a sincere recognition that every human being, no matter how different they are or how significant their shortcomings may seem, is doing their best given the way they see the world moment to moment.

4. Inspiration, Reflection, and Deep Listening

Each of us has the capacity to go beyond what we have learned through our past observations and experiences. To do this requires us to use an intelligence which is not bound in our memory, but instead is transcendent. Through reflection and deep listening, we have inspired ideas and insights which surpass anything we can calculate. This inspired intelligence is effortless and happens best when our minds are free and clear.

5. Fun – ‘We didn’t realise we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun’ – Winnie the Pooh

Education is serious especially when it is fun. Fun brings fulfilment and happiness and makes the journey enjoyable and memorable.

6. State of Mind

‘We cannot solve problems with the same level of intelligence with which they were created.’ – Albert Einstein

Each person’s state of mind is the most important factor affecting his/her decision-making abilities, creativity, relationships, and productivity. Creating a safe and supportive environment and process that draws out the health and innate intelligence we each possess is vital to our success.

7. Role Modelling – Be What We Wish to Create

We cannot teach what we do not know. If we wish to encourage students to develop healthy communities, we must create it for ourselves first. If we wish to develop stewards of the environment, we must practise sustainability. If we set high standards for our students, we must live by high standards.

8. Collaboration and Community

Our collective intelligence is far superior to that of any of us as individuals. We must recognize the power and impact of a unified team and facilitate the joining of heads, hands and hearts for the common good. Further, it is important to value every member of a community and create an environment and process in which they can share their perspective, play a significant role in decision making, and lead, without fear of judgment or failure.

9. Diversity

Diversity adds a richness of experiences, a variety of perspectives, and a wealth of approaches and solutions that otherwise are not available. Diversity is an essential part of all healthy human and ecological communities.

10. Ecological Sustainability

Actively cultivating a meaningful intimate relationship with the natural world around us inspires us to serve and protect this larger part of ourselves. We are part of the fabric of the Earth’s life support systems and our actions, decisions, and attitudes reflect our connection to this greater whole.

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